INNOZL STL38/20/5/2,0TI nozzle



INNOZL STL38/20/5/2,0TI nozzle straight

for Hirt-Line Typ1 and Typ2

connection G3/8"

width 20mm

angle 5°

outlet 9x Ø2,0mm

material titanium


Price on request


INNOZL® nozzles are manufactured in a 3D printing process. The material titanium is corrosion resistant and has a high strength. Temperatures up to 400°C are no problem. The Standard INNOZL STL TI jets start at 15mm width and going up to 100mm. They optimize the flow and the coolant flow speed of your grinder, thereby lower the pumping capacity. Ideal for surface and profile grinding. Other nozzles on request, we also manufacture according to customer.

This video shows a INNOZL nozzle 40 mm in combination with our Hirt-Line System on a Techster 84.