New Typ1 nozzles

Our 2 new nozzles offer the user well-known nozzles made of plastic now also in stainless steel in conjunction with our Hirt-Line® system to use.

nozzle 1-DU-LL-5-15 (5x Ø1,5mm) und 1-DU-LL-90-5-2 (90° 5x Ø2,0mm)

New Typ2 nozzles

As in the Type1 system, there are also suitable nozzles in the Type2 system. Similar to needle nozzles, these nozzles also bring the beam to the point.

new Typ2 and Typ3 flat nozzles

The new Hirt-Line® flat nozzles with outlet dimensions
81.0mm x 2.0mm, 81.0mm x 1.2mm, and 101.0mm x 2.0mm are opposite Conventional flat nozzles have decisive advantages in the grinding process. In summary, they enable an extremely improved volumetric flow and very high pressure, Which greatly improves the processing quality.

All 3 nozzles are available in Typ2 and Typ3 systems.

For more information on our nozzles, please visit Typ2 nozzles and Typ3 nozzles.