Coolant hose system Hirt-Line®

The original joint tube system made ​​of stainless steel

Hirt-Line Typ1
Inozl nozzle

3D printing
cooling-lubricant-supply system

3D printed nozzle

Our jointed hose is developable, stainless and processed for a long life. The individual parts are precision engineered and resistant to heat and chemicals. Can easily be screwed together by hand, be adapted, lengthened and shortened to your needs. No coolant pressure or machine vibrations can change the position. It´s pressure resistant up to 100 bar. Can be used on machine tools and complex manufacturing systems. Hirt-Line coolant hoses are suitable for lathes, milling machines, grinders, air cooling and bottling plants.

Our joint hoses are available in 3 sizes now


coolant pipe  1/4"


coolant hose 1/2"


pipe system 3/4"